Sept. 2019, Kinikfunk (hospital radio) Karlsruhe

Radio interview from 14.09.2019

Presentation: Henriette Krauth, Direction: Winfried König

The hospital radio was founded in 1973. The range of topics is very diverse: cooking recipes, product tests, consumer tips and much more. Even celebrities or people who – for whatever reason – have drawn attention to themselves, are invited to an interview. In between, music requests by the listeners are played. An extensive music archive with around 400,000 titles fulfills almost every wish.

language: German, underlaid with pictures

Juli 2019, Die Nordweststadt – district magazine

Paddy Boehm – Caricaturist out of passion

Interview: Edeltraud Götze

After graduating from the Humboldt-Gymnasium (advanced art course), he learned graphic design at Carl-Hofer-Schule in Karlsruhe. Thereafter, Paddy Boehm worked for a few years in a publishing house in Baden -Baden, until in 2006 he became self-employed as a caricaturist. Since 2013, the first district festival "Culture Northwest", Paddy designed the posters for this event of the community...

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Juli 2014, Baden TV

300 Years – 300 Heads

Interview: Nora Ackermann, Overall direction: Günter Knappe

For "300 Years – 300 Heads" For the 300th birthday of my hometown Karlsruhe 300 personalities, but also quite "normal" citizens were questioned by video interview. Conducted by the Knappe1a team in cooperation with the ZKM (Center for Art and Media Technology). All Interviews:

language: German

ka-news Interview

Juli 2013, ka-news

Pears and a Chihuahua with hiking stick:
Paddy Boehm from Karlsruhe is a caricaturist

Questions: Marie Wehrhahn

Two tiny eyes and a huge open mouth, in addition a forehead so high it resembles the neck of a pear: it's the native Karlsruher Oliver Kahn in the eyes of Paddy Boehm. Boehm's business is to parody people – with pen and paper. Ka-news spoke with the artist from Karlsruhe about the life of a caricaturist and chihuahuas with hiking sticks...

Link to the interview: ka-news

Sept. 2006, Klappe Auf

Sticks and pencils – Paddy Boehm

by Thomas Zimmer

"Some say there are musicians on one hand and drummers on the other. In the same manner caricaturists are often perceived as joke painters not as artists", says Paddy Boehm. He has to know it, because he is both. Playing drums is a hobby, but he would like to make a living solely as a caricaturist one day. Anyhow, the underdog image of his passions apparently isn't unappealing to him...

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Nov. 2005, BNN (Badische Neueste Nachrichten)

The picture opens the eyes

by Monika John

The caricatures of Paddy Boehm are also in demand in the USA

Angela Merkel. A picture of a magazine lies at the drawing table. She's smiling. Besides a pencil drawing, the sketch of a caricature: Mrs. Merkel with a distinctive, elongated chin, with a broad smiling mouth and closely, tired looking eyes. The sketch is the basis for the picture caricaturist Patrick Boehm, called Paddy, is currently working on. The background is painted with acrylics and brushes, also the outlines of the face, the rougher lines and hair. If the strokes are getting finer, that's always the case when shapes should be worked out with delicate shadings, the 32-year-old grabs his razor sharp pencils...

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