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Paddy through the years

Born in 1973 as Patrick Mark Boehm (my parents were fans of actor Patrick McGoohan at the time), from early on I was interested in drawing, parodies and comical art in general.

Paddy Boehm at work

At the age of 15 years, along with my younger brother Tim Boehm, we brought the comic fanzine "Zeitlupe" into being, which we published for ten years. While my brother is mainly active in the area of cartoons, comics and animation, I have specialized myself in the making of detailed caricatures.

My early influences were mainly in the Franco-Belgian comic scene: Illustrators as Uderzo (Asterix), Morris (Lucky Luke), Franquin (Spirou, Gaston), Tabary (Isnogoud) and caricature artists as Jean Mulatier, Patrice Ricord, Jean-Claude Morchoisne. Actually everything really started with Volker Ernsting, whose caricatures in "Hörzu" inspired me – at the age of nine years – to do "something like that" one day, too. And later, of course Sebastian Krüger, whom I got to know personally by now. In 2005 I participated, together with artists from around the world, in a workshop.

After high school (art as major field of study) I learned graphic design at the Carl-Hofer-Schule in Karlsruhe. After that, I worked for several years as a layout man in a publishing house in Baden-Baden.

I got rather late into painting: until 2004 all of my coloured works were done with coloured pencils. In addition to the study of books and "just try it", I have to thank a lot to Ismael Roldan (died in 2009).

In 2006 I started my own business as a caricature artist, with the focus on commissioned work for private persons. For special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, retirements, confirmations, etc. But a few of my works have been also published in international journals (Caricature Magazine, Idealog) and books (Madonna in Art, Marilyn in Art). A Best of CD from Rudi Carrell also shows one of my caricatures.

Me Gallery

Paddy Boehm Picture small
Paddy Boehm Picture small

In the "Me Gallery" you can see how artists from all around the world have drawn me. Who also wants to make a drawing, here are two pictures of me (click to enlarge).

Paddy-Bernd-Ertl Paddy-Thijs-Wessels Paddy-Robin-Crowley Paddy-Hernan-Dario-Zaccaria Paddy-Arne-Vergenz Paddy-Antonio-Hoyos-Escobar Paddy-Raif-Valiev Paddy-Gero-Hilliger Paddy-Rodrigo-R-Gonzales Paddy-Pepe-Badillo Paddy-Drew-de-Wilt Paddy-Xi-Ding Paddy-Christian-Gschoepf Paddy-Greg-Mc-Cullough Paddy-Guaico Paddy-Fabian-Zaccaria Paddy-Sinisa-Petrovic Paddy-Sebastian-Cast Paddy-Doby Paddy-Walter-Pfau Paddy-Richard-Escobar Paddy-Luis-Ordonez Paddy-Alan-Rodrigues Paddy-Radu-Cletiu Paddy-Patrick-Strogulski Paddy-Danny-Vliegen Paddy-Marco-Bucci Paddy-Gerald-Koller Paddy-Jorge-Restrepo Paddy-Sebastian-Krueger Paddy-James-Hungaski Paddy-Juergen-Hans Paddy-Lukatti Paddy-Fraga Paddy-Brush-Li-Wenjie Paddy-Denis-Grand Paddy-George-Komiotis Paddy-Niall-Oloughlin Paddy-Pavel-Jakubec Paddy-Perho Paddy-Paul-Roustan Paddy-Mike-Hasson Paddy-Kage-Nakanishi Paddy-Ismael-Roldan Paddy-Paul-Gaunt Paddy-Max-Aguirre Paddy-Paco-Najera Paddy-Hans-Deconinck Paddy-Pepe-Manchego Paddy-Jason-Seiler