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caricatures from photo

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Paddy Boehm does private commissions based on photos (NO live drawings at events). For several occasions like birthday, wedding, family, jubilee, anniversary, retirement. Each picture is an original drawn by hand.

The caricatures are made by your wishes individually. Simply name a desired topic or create a list of "properties" (job, hobbies, etc.).

Prices depend on the effort: Portrait or full figure, style (examples see below), size (A4, A3, A2), number of persons.

You can send the photo, better several, by e-mail or by post. The face should be as large as possible, all the details well recognizable. The better and larger the photo, the better gets the drawing.

Styles (examples: portrait caricature/DIN A4)

Line drawing
from 70 Euro
Beispiel Strichzeichnung Lupe
Black & White
from 120 Euro
Beispiel Schwarzweiß Lupe
from 150 Euro
Beispiel Farbe Lupe

Click pictures for detailed view!

All: (black) colored pencil on drawing board (625 g/m²)

  • Size: DIN A4 to DIN A2
  • Delivery time: 3-4 weeks
  • Prices:
    Portrait Caricature (head/upper body) from 70 Euro
    Full Figure (+ background and extras) from 120 Euro
    – Detailed price list on request

  • Payment in advance (PayPal or foreign bank transfer)
  • Sketch upfront by e-mail (changes without charge)
  • Shipping worldwide (costs depend on size and destination)

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